Adopting a large dog breed into your family can bring immense joy, love, and loads of fun adventures. However, not all large breeds are suitable for every family. Some Dog breeds are more family-friendly than others. We’ve compiled a list of the best small dog breeds for families to help guide your choice.

Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

1- Golden Retriever: 

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Have you ever wondered why Golden Retrievers are often featured in family movies? It’s because they’re incredibly friendly, reliable, and tolerant dogs. They get along well with children and other animals.

2- Labrador Retriever:

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 Known for their lovable and outgoing nature, Labradors are a hit with kids and adults alike. They’re sociable, eager to please, and excellent with cats and other dogs.

3- Bernese Mountain Dog: 

Bernese Mountain

With a friendly, calm, and patient demeanor, these dogs make an excellent choice for families with children. They’re known to be exceptionally good-natured and gentle with youngsters.

4- Boxer


Do you have active, high-energy children in your home? A Boxer might be your match! They’re fun-loving, energetic, and great with kids.

5- Collie

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Are you worried about managing the hyper-activeness of large breeds? Collies are gentle and predictable, making them goof-proof around children.

6- Red Retriever

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: This breed is affectionately known as “nature’s babysitter”. They’re ultra-protective and extra gentle with children, making them an outstanding choice for families.

7-Irish Setter

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These playful, good-natured dogs are ideal for high-energy families. They love a yard to run around in and are sure to keep the kids entertained.


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This dog breed is known for its high level of energy, intelligence, and affectionate temperament. “Vizslas” love human companionship and make a splendid addition to an active family.

9-Standard Poodle

dog playing dog pet cute

Well-known for their intelligence and ease of training, Standard Poodles are good with children, congenial with other dogs, and versatile pets.


bullmastiff dog dogs wallpaper preview

This breed is quite protective and a real softie at heart. Bullmastiffs make fantastic family pets who adore children and are tolerant of other pets.

Note: Remember, every dog Breed has its unique temperament and will require time, training, and love to flourish in a family setting.
Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be. Every large breed has a unique personality and needs. All you have to do is find the perfect match. So which of these good best large dog breeds for families will you consider next?


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